Melissa Benoist nude pictures leaked! (HD)

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These pictures came out last year, along with her other Glee colleagues (Becca Tobin and Lea Michele). Melissa Benoist sure is a beauty though and this scandal stands out because the pictures were taken very professionally. She can be seen getting fucked by her boyfriend in various different positions along with some hot selfies. Enjoy! And if you can’t get enough, click here to see the rest of the Fappening pictures and sex tapes.









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Miley Cyrus nude for Candy magazine! (Uncensored)

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New pictures of Miley Cyrus nude have emerged, and we’ve got them! These pictures were taken somewhere at the end of 2015. This time she went nude for Candy magazine, a pro-tranvestite magazine. It’s no wonder that these pictures were taken by the famous photographer Terry Richardson. This is a cover photoshoot and includes pictures of her bare vagina, and she’s also seen playing with a strapon. You can watch the pictures here below and for more NSFW pictures of the hottest A-list celebrities, click here now.








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Lil Wayne sex tape finally leaked! (Watch it here)

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Normally we only cover women but since this sex tape involves two strippers and Lil Wayne, we’re making an exception. The Lil Wayne sex tape was highly anticipated as it was announced a while ago. However it’s not fully available for the public yet. The Lil Wayne sex tape can only be seen here. But don’t worry, we have a snippet for you to see below. It’s verified to be Lil Wayne in case you’re wondering, as her ex has been on a Twitter craze about it.

* Update: A second part of the video leaked. This is a two minute video where you can see full on action unlike the piece of shit snippet above. Check it out below!

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