Lil Wayne sex tape finally leaked! (Watch it here)

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Normally we only cover women but since this sex tape involves two strippers and Lil Wayne, we’re making an exception. The Lil Wayne sex tape was highly anticipated as it was announced a while ago. However it’s not fully available for the public yet. The Lil Wayne sex tape can only be seen here. But don’t worry, we have a snippet for you to see below. It’s verified to be Lil Wayne in case you’re wondering, as her ex has been on a Twitter craze about it.

* Update: A second part of the video leaked. This is a two minute video where you can see full on action unlike the piece of shit snippet above. Check it out below!

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Ali Michael nude picture scandal! (Fappening, NSFW)

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Ali (Alexandra) Michael had her nude pictures leaked in The Fappening. It isn’t exactly news but we decided to post a collection of the hottest pictures anyway. In case you were wondering who the fuck this girl is, she’s a pretty well known fashion model. She’s been struggling with an eating disorder and is known for her skinny figure. A typical modern day model I would say! Enjoy these pictures, and if you’re looking for more click here now!













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All Cara Delevingne nude pictures! (NSFW)

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Cara Delevingne (what a hard name to type!) is an English fashion model, actress and singer. She has gone nude more than once, in magazines and in self shot cell phone pictures. She’s far from an A-list celebrity but she’s damn hot and also quite famous so that’s enough reason to list her here. We collected all her nudes that were lingering around on the internet and show them here for your pleasure! If you’re looking to download a full collection of sex tapes and nude pictures of all celebrities, click here!






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