Amber Rose nude pictures leaked! (Definitely NSFW)

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Amber Rose is a model, artist, actress & socialite they say but I think a better description would be the ex-wife of Kanye West or the current wife of Wiz Khalifa, that lame ass fake ass gangster rapper. She is quite special with that bald head of hers. I am normally not into this kind of thing but think she looks really sexy. Her curves are unbelievable for a white woman… meaning she has a great ass! The good thing is she likes being watched and showing it off and this resulted in what? Yes… a scandal.

She claims on her Twitter that these pictures were stolen from her laptop, but we all know it was Nicki Minaj who did it. They supposedly had some kind of beef over Nicki’s husband but the juicy details aren’t really known to public. Enjoy the pictures below and if you would like the full unwatermarked, high quality pictures, visit the site I got it from here.

What do you think? Is she hot or is she not? Leave a comment below and let us know!

Share these nude pictures with your friends!
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39 thoughts on “Amber Rose nude pictures leaked! (Definitely NSFW)”

    1. So badddddd (as In hot) n wiz is my boy he don’t rap about being a thug his raps are getting high n partying n getting women

  1. She’s fucking crazy dope! But she’s not white, she is Cape Verdean. Her parents are from Africa. She’s black! Black is beautiful! We come in all shapes and colors!

    1. She ain’t black at all her father is Italian & Irish & her mother has Scottish roots. I know her entire family we grew up in the same neighborhood together she’s a crazy bitch forreal .

      1. She’s black. She’s Cape Verdean. If you go over there Cape Verdeans are the black skin tone. Her father is Italian and Scottish.

  2. She is so attractive in so many ways , a woman that takes pride in what she has done , say what you want but she is a sexy , attractive woman

  3. Who ever did this is a hatter trying to embarrass her. But sorry didn’t work . she has a nice body. For the record ITS JUST PUSSY BITCHES

    1. Rt its just pussy love it and her if we all had bodies like that I think we would all have done something similar fuck I know I would especially if I’m sending these pics to my girl they where personal she just put it out there cuz he threaten to do it first so hats off to Amber Rose she’s a beast!!!

  4. Uwwee I been waiting to see her sexy ass naked! Not many girls can pull off the super short hair but boiii lemme tell you she’s a mothafukkin winner!!!

  5. This isnt even amber rose, for one it doesnt show her face in almost all of them except one and u can look and tell its a girl who looks like her! And wtf does it matter what race she is, shs beautiful and atleast Amber Rose didn r beed Ray J to make a sex tape with to make hr famous

  6. Obviously my phone cant spell tonight! Lol damn autocorrect but like i said s he didnt become famous off a sex tape like Kim…and whoever is the model in these pictures is pretty nd got a banging bod but its def not Amber Rose

  7. If only she didn’t have such a horribly big ass that has to be captured from certain angles so it will not look huge. Her tits are huge I’ll say that but honestly, she has a horrible figure that is just a few years from failure. I’d say if taco bell moves into her neighborhood you won’t have an argument in 6 months. Horrible figure though.

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