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Cassie Ventura also known as just Cassie is an R&B singer, dancer and actress. We all know her from the hit single “Me & U” which rocked the world in 2006. Shortly after she teamed up with Sean Combs AKA P Diddy’s record label Bad Boy Records. Together they released her debut album, called Cassie which was pretty major! Now she’s working hard on her second album, which will come out this year! But what happened in the meantime shocked many of us. A while back some nude pictures of her were leaked for the whole world to see! Why this is so important for us is because she was a hottie meant to go nude from the start. I gathered some of the hottest pics but there is way more to see at BannedSextapes, so if you just can’t get enough like me… click here now for more nude pictures and the sextape!

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