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Amber Rose stunning nude beach pictures!

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Amber Rose was in the news again just a while back for her fued with Kim Kardashian. They both went bananas on each other about their nude scandals, taking each other down like dogs. One of the Kardashian sisters even posted a nude picture of Amber just to taunt her. We’re guessing they worked it out as it magically stopped and wouldn’t be surprised if it was all for publicity. Either way, Amber posted a few flattering beach pics of herself on Instagram. We’ve decided to share it with you… let us know if you like them!



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Amber Rose nude pictures leaked! (Definitely NSFW)

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Amber Rose is a model, artist, actress & socialite they say but I think a better description would be the ex-wife of Kanye West or the current wife of Wiz Khalifa, that lame ass fake ass gangster rapper. She is quite special with that bald head of hers. I am normally not into this kind of thing but think she looks really sexy. Her curves are unbelievable for a white woman… meaning she has a great ass! The good thing is she likes being watched and showing it off and this resulted in what? Yes… a scandal.

She claims on her Twitter that these pictures were stolen from her laptop, but we all know it was Nicki Minaj who did it. They supposedly had some kind of beef over Nicki’s husband but the juicy details aren’t really known to public. Enjoy the pictures below and if you would like the full unwatermarked, high quality pictures, visit the site I got it from here.

What do you think? Is she hot or is she not? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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