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Kat Dennings personal and nude photo scandal leaked!

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Kat Dennings hasn’t been around for that long. She started rising to fame when she first starred in Sex and the City, then the flopped series Raising Dad continued by a whole lot of movies, like Big Momma’s House, Charlie Bartlett & Thor. This girl is a real cutie and therefore I am really happy her scandal pictures were leaked on the internet. They seem to be cellphone pictures which is perfectly okay with me, because even though the quality isn’t that good they are in many ways very enjoyable. Just look at the size of her knockers! I mean damn… this girl is blessed with the tits. Enjoy the pictures!

And here some more pictures to verify it’s really her and a big fat “fuck you!” to all the fans! Hahah… I love this shit.

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Share the nude pictures with your friends now!