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Ke$ha covered in cum after having wild sex? Pictures here!

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Ke$ha right off the bat got my attention when she came out with those silly songs. I must say I hated them at first but after a while and after hearing them for about thousand times on the radio I started to “accept” it. It never went beyond that as far as her music goes, but I do know this will make you happy. Because this no-good singer had her picture taken after a wild night of hot and steamy sex, with a load of cum on her tits to prove it! I think this is one of the few cases of celebrity nude pictures were the celebrity has actually been jazzed on, so I guess we can hereby reach out to her and hand her over an award for Superslut Celebrity of 2012! Congrats, Ke$ha! Hahahaha….

Watch the real deal at BannedSextapes. They got this shit of Ke$ha and all other of only the hottest scandals that were leaked on the internet. The truth is that this happens so much lately that it’s hard for one person to gather all the scandals. That’s why they have a whole team dedicated to just that!

What do you think of this? Do these pictures make up for the horrible songs she forced us to hear? Or is she a no good trailer trash whore? We definitely would like to hear your opinion, so make sure to leave a comment below!

Share the nude pictures with your friends now!