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Kreayshawn nude photo scandal unveiled! (Very NSFW)

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Kreayshawn is in my eyes a lot like Ke$ha. Both white ghetto queens making an attempt at being an artist/musician. I think Kreayshawn does a way better job at it though, and she is way hotter! Her music is just as annoying and we all had to hear that when her single “Gucci Gucci” was released. This terrible attempt at what most would call a song has agonized our minds for months. Luckily for us she kept the story and herself interesting by releasing a nude scandal. They say she made these pictures for her boyfriend but apparently this guy is about as trustworthy as Perez’s dumb ass gossiping mouth.

Check out the pictures below. And if you want to see more of Kreayshawn and other nasty teen celebrities getting even nastier, check them out here.

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Share the nude pictures with your friends now!