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Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee sex tape, see the masters at work!

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Pamela Anderson is most famous for spinning our heads when we were kids on the show “Baywatch”. You probably also remember her as the girl that had you hide your wood from your family while sitting on the couch and laughing together at David Hasselhoff’s silly face. She was that woman with the big ass tits bouncing around as she ran over the beach to save a poor man in need by giving him a good time (AKA mouth on mouth reanimation).

Pamela came out with a sex tape and shocked the whole world as we barely ever got to see a celebrity doing something this explicit! It’s the story of a famous sex-bomb who became even more famous by getting dicked on a boat by a rockstar. We have the tape for you here:

For the full & high quality sex tape, check out CelebsOnly! They’ve got that and the sex tape with Bret Michaels from Poison, which for obvious reasons we can’t show you here. I’ve seen it and I must say it is about a thousand times hotter than this video, which is hard to believe but you’ll have to take my word on it!

Share the nude pictures with your friends now!