Jhonni Blaze sextape, an attempt for fame.

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So Johnni Blaze, rapper Drake’s ex has come out with a sextape. She’s seen in several clips, twerking it for Chris Brown, French Montana, Jim Jones and a few other rap stars. She’s a musician at heart and loves to dance to it. She’s known to have worked as a prostitute, but is one of the few with about 75k followers on her Twitter account. Now, a sextape came out and she’s acting like she didn’t know or whatever, but I call bullshit on this. Her new show is coming out soon and I bet this is a stunt for some publicity. I’m guessing it was inspired by Kim Kardashian. Either way, we scored the tape and you can see it here. It doesn’t even look like something that’s leaked, as it’s straight up High Quality porn. But then again, judge for yourself.

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