Maisie Williams nude pictures leaked! (Topless, NSFW)

Maisie Williams, also known as Arya Stark from Game of Thrones has had her nude photo’s leaked. The 19 year actress is seen topless on these photo’s and is far from the most explicit nude scandals that came out this year. However, she has a huge fanbase and is quite a big name to have this happen to her.

You can see Arya Stark nude photo’s below. The other two girls on the photo were identified as Sophie Turner and Natalie Dormer. We hope this is the start of a new beginning. Maisie is growing out of the cute girl image and exploring her sexuality.




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Paris Hilton nude paparazzi shots released!

Paris Hilton, a socialite and daughter of Conrad Hilton (the owner of the Hilton Hotels) is mostly known because of her appearance in her own sex tape. The sex tape she starred in was made by her (now ex-) boyfriend Rick Salomon and was titled “1 Night in Paris”. However, new nude pictures have come out, taken by paparazzi, and we have them! You can see the nude pictures below. If you’re looking for the sex tape, click here.




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