Rebecca Gayheart & Eric Dane (Grey’s Anatomy) sex tape? Hell yes… Watch it here!

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The Rebecca Gayheart, Eric Dane threesome sex tape with former Miss Teen USA, called Kari Ann Peniche was leaked earlier this year for the whole world to see. That shit spread like wildfire and I can see why! The funny part is they’re all high as fuck and are seen sharing a bed and Jacuzzi together. Eric definitely has his wife on lockdown, because this is just too kinky for words! What man wouldn’t want a threesome with his wife and a former Miss Teen USA? Lol :)

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We have the Ashley Greene nude photo scandal!

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You all probably know Ashley Greene from that crappy movie Twilight. I seriously don’t get people who like that movie as I recall it seemed to be quite popular. For those that don’t know it yet, it’s most comparable to watching a collage of gay vampires doing nasty shit to each other. Anyway, back to the point… this girl had a nude scandal come out! After doing a bitch ass movie like that she probably felt guilty for being part of that whole con of a movie and decided to do something good for the world. Don’t worry Ashley, we still love you!

I am posting the nude pictures of Ashley Greene here for all of you to see. Enjoy!

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Vanessa Hudgens new nude cell phone pictures here!

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We all know about the scandal back in 2007, when the first nude photos were put online on the internet for the whole world to see. What a shocking moment that was! Shortly after, in 2009, there was another scandal and even more pictures came out. Then last year the last scandal was released and meanwhile she became a million times more famous than she already is! I am sure it won’t stop with that. As more movies come out you can see wearing less clothes and following up on the sexy luscious woman image she created.

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